Thursday, January 24, 2008

Day one of retirement...

My first day of retirement left me stressed. I had all these plans to practice piano and guitar, exercise my body and read a good book; but also had plans that were made for me: the cleaners were coming, the cable guy needed to install the DVR and my daughter, Lila was dropping off some gifts her brother Jed had gotten for me and husband Stewart in Italy last month. I knew it was going to all come together at the same time…I’m not a fool, I am well aware of Gods’ sense of humor.

Not only did it happen at the same time, but also in a home the size of a postage stamp. Lila arrived a little ill, and I had forgotten that she was dog-sitting for Dunkin the misbehaving, Min Pin. Dunkin had to; first, bark at Vivi the blue-headed parrot, second, scarf down any bird food on the floor and third, vomit on the light colored carpet. The cleaners subsequently arrived as I was trying to find a place for Lila to lie down uninterrupted. Communication with the Spanish-speaking cleaning ladies was only accomplished through sign language and pictures and one bedroom was secured for Lila and dog to nap in until a switch had to be made to another room for cleaning purposes…did I mention Dashiell the cat being terrified of vacuums and dogs? He had been hidding quietly under the bed of the other room until the switch and the suspense got to him and said cat made a mad dash (pun intended) out of the room with Pinscher in hot pursuit.

Then the cable guy arrives. It is perfect timing. He is to install the DVR in the only room still needing to be cleaned… the 250 square foot den. Four adults, a sofa, a love seat, a television and a cage where Miles the cat lives (due to his occasional peeing on Stewarts’ bedroom pillow)…for a moment, I wished to be back at work…nah!

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  1. i will definitely try to link to yours! haha, i'm not sure how...but i'll check it out. i'm glad you like my descriptions, i feel like they're pretty long winded, but at the same time I don't want to miss anything! if i'm going to tell the story I might as well tell the story right? :)