Saturday, January 3, 2009

One House, Two Bloggers

Just a quick posting; I have just added a new link to my "Conflicts of Interest" side-bar. From now on, I will be posting Stewart's writings in this area and will refresh the link each time he has something new out there. Look to the right and down a ways or click here.

Stewart is a contributing Editor to January Magazine and writes a print version (subscription required) of the "In the Beginning" column for Mystery News. He is also a contributor to the Rap Sheet.

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  1. Thanks for the plug, Leslie. Anyone interested in the state of crime fiction would be well served to make The Rap Sheet a daily reading destination. January Magazine has a wider scope, taking in all of both fiction and non-fiction. I would be proud of plugging these two sites, even if I weren't writing for them.

    I also direct Digressions readers to Linda L. Richards blog: Linda is the Editor in Chief of January Magazine and a quickly-rising star in mystery fiction. Her blog is a always interesting.