Thursday, July 8, 2010

Induction and Astrology

Today, My niece had her first child. The labor was induced and it got me to thinking about how the changing of a birthdate could have astrological implications. It seems to be so important to those who gaze into the meanings; the when of when you were born . . . down to the very number of seconds past 6:21 am. Or where the moon and planets were at the moment of birth etc. So what happens to astrology when someone is induced? Could we, as a society be changing the patterns of a child’s life just by speeding up the birth?

Quite often there is a good reason for the induction; usually the mother or the child’s health. (In this case.) Sometimes it is the convenience of the mother and more than I would like to think, the convenience of the doctor. (The case of my own birth . . . it didn’t work by the way; Mom held onto me for two more weeks or was it that I was stubborn? Depends on who is telling the story, I imagine.)

So, could we be changing the future of our world by inducing labor? If you believe in astrology I would say we are and I bet astrologist have conventions and a topic of one of the breakout discussions is “Induction: Changing a Life”.

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  1. My eldest daughter, Kathryn, was induced because she was in her 42nd week in utero. We had a choice of the 6th or 7th of January. We chose the 7th because my mother in law was arriving from Germany on the 6th to help. But the point of this comment is we got the date we really wanted, the 100th anniversary day of my grandmother's birth. (A tax deduction in the prior year would have been nice too, but that ship sailed as we waited for labor to begin into the new year). If we had waited to the 8th, it would have been Elvis' birthday (and my niece's and sister-in-law's). Given that Kathryn's middle name is Renate -- German for the latin word for "reborn" -- it was fitting that she be born on my grandmother's birthday. I hope she is able to channel some of my grandmother in her life! I think she is happy to have been born on an ancestor's birthday -- being a Capricorn seems to suit her too.